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Why Buyers Like Dela!

Buyers are TALKING ABOUT DELA. Here are a few snippets about what her past clients have to say about her.

  • Went above and beyond in every regard.
  • One hell of a negotiator.
  • Knowledgeable about the current market and the step by step process of buying.
  • Sharp, honest and considerate of your requests!
  • The experience was the BEST WE HAVE EVER HAD over our years of buying and selling many homes.
  • Dela's response to my long-distance requests were prompt and professional.
  • Her knowledge, expertise, determination, and ability to "get the job done" allowed us to purchase our forever home. 
  • The purchase of a new home can be a stressful experience but with Dela's professional expertise the process went smoothly with a minimum of stress.
  • Guided me through the entire process with the professionalism & guidance you expect.
  • One of the best parts of having Dela is that she genuinely cares about her clients.
  • Dela's bold and scrupulous efforts were THE driving force behind the purchase of my family's first home.
  • Dela educated me, navigated all the pitfalls, and enabled me to close ON TIME & ON BUDGET.
  • Persistent, Knowledgeable, Communicative & Trustworthy. 

The "ORLANDO" Real Estate Doctor

Dela was such a pleasure to work with. She kept us up to date with new listings and was very knowledgeable about each property we looked at. She remained patient with us as it took about 3 months for us to find our home. She was very helpful in setting us up with mortgage brokers and worked diligently with us as we searched for creative financing. I certainly recommend Dela! She's not only our agent, she's now a family friend. Brandi

by The Yisreal Family

My brother lives in the Orlando area, and I wanted to buy a home near him to establish residency and to expand my business. The problem was, I run 3 different businesses, and I have VERY limited time to commit to searching, comparing, selecting, negotiating, and closing on the purchase of a home. Oh, and did I mention that I live in NORTH CAROLINA, some 700 miles away! Not to worry, my brother tells me, he has just the Professional to call: Dela Armstrong. I could not have been more impressed. In this market, where you hear the nightmare stories of short sales that do not close for months or do not close at all, Dela educated me, navigated all the pitfalls, and enabled me to close on time and on budget. The best part, it was no hassle and NO SURPRISES, which is something I greatly respect. With her help, from identifying the property through closing, I was able to buy the house that was perfect for me, and I did it "long-distance" without losing a day's work. I was totally (positively) surprised, I thought there was no way someone could handle my transaction as efficiently as Dela did. She made it so easy for me, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. If she can do what she did for me from 700 miles away, I can only imagine how great the experience would be for someone local. THANK YOU DELA, YOUR THE BEST!

by Dominick B North Carolina/Oviedo,Florida

Dela, Just a word of thanks for all you have done for Donna, Nate and myself in the purchase of our retirement home. Your patience and professional advice was invaluable to us. I could not have found a better representative in all of Florida. If I can do anything at all to help you with recommendations or references please let me know. You’re the best! Thank you for everything, Sincerely, Dr. Paul MacDonald

by Dr. Paul MacDonald

Regardless if you are looking for your first home or your tenth, having Dela Armstrong on your side when entering into today’s dynamic and rapidly changing housing market is an absolute necessity! Dela helped guide us through all of the various intricacies of the process from beginning to end, and all while showing an incredible amount of knowledge, patience and diligence in helping us find a home that was right for our family. From our very first meeting, Dela made it clear that she was not just a realtor, she was OUR realtor and there was never any doubt that she would always have our back and our best interests at heart. This is a crazy market and during our often-challenging home search that involved many ups and downs, Dela was the epitome of professionalism and optimism. She was an irresistible and positive force of nature that kept the whole process moving forward, even when things didn’t go our way. I can’t thank Dela enough for the help she provided as we navigated our way through the intricacies of finance acquisition, neighborhood and home selection, offer submission, inspections, evaluations, appraisals, negotiations and finally closing. In recommending someone to you as your real estate agent, it would be impossible for me to provide a stronger recommendation than the one I am offering you now on behalf of Dela Armstrong.

by Brian Hayes & Teresa Tsai

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you on the purchase of our new home. You were highly professional and ethical at all times during this complex transaction. We especially appreciated how you guided us through a detailed cost comparison of building a new home versus buying an existing home. Your knowledge of what builder upgrades would be needed was key to our making an informed decision about buying our home. Also your knowledge and experience in the Winter Garden real estate market made it very easy for us to pick the right neighborhood for our home. You have responded quickly to all our texts, emails and phone calls (even when you were on vacation). We had lots of questions and you took the time to carefully explain things in language that we could understand. You have also provided us with several key contacts in Winter Garden that will make our move here seamless. We were 100% satisfied with your support during our home purchase and will be recommending you to anyone needing a Realtor in the Winter Garden area.

by Doug Bartow

Dear Dela: I would like to thank you for taking care of Tim and me with the purchase of our beautiful Longwood home. You were awesome in so many ways - Professional, persistent, knowledgeable, communicative and trustworthy. I remember finding the home online and it must have been your sight because while surfing the internet, I believe I added my name to view the home and immediately you called. That surprised me that you called so quickly. The property was taken off the market in December and I was very upset because I wanted to be right down the street from my grandbabies. You kept working in the background and did not give up! 2 months later, low and behold, you called to tell me it was going back on the market for a period of only 5 days. In that time the Sellers were going to accumulate offers and were only to accept one bid. You were able to structure our offer so it was the one chosen out of three. You dealt with the title company, lender and Seller are to assist us in getting cleared the open building permits and make sure that we closed on time. On top of it all, it is a short-sale, with all your knowledge of short-sales, we couldn’t have done it without you. There were so many moving parts and you kept them together so the transaction went smoothly and happened on time. I would gladly recommend your services to anyone looking for a home! We not only appreciated your dedication to completing our sale, but getting to know you, we feel like we’ve made a new friend. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! We love the home and the location. You helped us buy the perfect home for ourselves and our family! Sincerely, Pat Loftin

by Pat Loftin

Dear Prospective Homeowners: It is our immense pleasure to recommend Dela Armstrong as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal home for their unique situation. Dela helped my family to purchase two houses and we were comfortable in both of them. The first newly built home was purchased in 2012 and the second home was purchased recently. Dela had an initial meeting with us and took diligent notes regarding our specific needs in a single family home as well as our budgetary limitations. She is highly talented technologically and made excellent use of the real estate databases to quickly find us a variety of homes for sale in the best school districts. She did not waste our time with homes that were out of our price range or not in line with our needs. A master with the contract negotiations, Dela came up with a deal that was good for us and made the seller happy as well. Throughout this home buying process, she also managed to sell our townhouse for an excellent price, especially in the current market situation. She knows Orange county Florida like the back of her hand. There is nothing that escapes Dela's attention when it comes to property for sale in this area. We found Dela to be a highly attentive agent, almost as if we were her only customers, although we know that was not the case. She returned all phone calls and emails the same day. We never felt neglected or unimportant. She is also highly personable with an engaging personality. Dela was honest about some minor changes that we needed to make in our townhouse to attract buyers quickly, and her advice worked like a charm. My wife and I are pleased to recommend Dela Armstrong to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. She is hands down the best in the business in our opinion and if we ever need to move again she will be our first choice in real estate agents. Regards, Hamid Elkheir

by Hamid Elkheir

My husband and I were blessed to have Dela be our realtor while purchasing our first home. We had no idea what we were doing, so the first time we met, Dela clearly and patiently explained every step of the home buying process. We instantly felt like we had made the right decision. She is very knowledgable and clearly has tons of experience. One of the best parts of having Dela is that she genuinely cares about her clients. She took care of us like we were family and stayed in constant contact, even when she went on vacation. She was always just a text or phone call away. Hiring Dela as our realtor ended up being one of the best decisions of the entire process.

by Courtney

I worked with Dela Armstrong, a realtor from Remax. From the outset, Dela’s response to my long-distance request was prompt and professional. We toured a number of properties and it was she who found the property that I eventually purchased. She was patient with me and thorough as I made my decision; I actually had made several offers and had the properties inspected with took up a lot of extra time. She had excellent attention to detail and follow-up, making checklists and timetables for me. She also gave me recommendations for professionals to work with including, inspectors, financing and insurance. (Additionally, since I was new to the area, she gave me helpful suggestions of vendors and businesses for personal help). The purchase of a new house can be a stressful experience but with Dela’s professional expertise the process went smoothly with a minimum of stress. I would highly recommend Dela Armstrong to anyone looking to purchase or sell a property.

by Debra Lake Mary, Fl

I just closed on my first home with Dela. She is very knowledgeable about the current market and the step by step process of buying. Sharp, honest and considerate of your requests!

by Naomi

I definitely recommend Dela!!! Dela has been awesome throughout the whole experience, she has been there through the whole process. We closed on our first home today and she explained the whole process to us. We are very excited about what the future holds for our new home and Dela has made that possible for us with all her support and knowledge. Dela, thank you so much!

by Flory

Dela, We would like to thank you for your professionalism throughout the entire process of selling our home. Your expertise allowed us to feel at ease which caused the sale of the home to be quick and effortless. We also greatly appreciated your responsiveness throughout the process as well. Ultimately, we were very pleased with the overall experience that you provided for us. Thank you so very much!

by Theresa and Emil

As a client of Dela Armstrong, I am sending this letter to describe the unparalleled work ethic of Ms. Armstrong. Dela’s bold and unscrupulous efforts were THE driving force behind the purchase of my family’s first home. My fiancé contacted Dela regarding the purchase of our first home. From the start, Dela showed patience and understanding as she walked us through the home buying process and the numerous questions we had. After an abundance of views and weeks of decision-making, we finally agreed upon a home (a short-sale, no less) and decided to place a bid. Dela took us by the hand and guided us through what would be an arduous and unrelenting process. Days would soon turn to weeks and weeks would turn to months as we patiently waited. With each passing week, Dela jumped to our aid as we asked countless questions. She would not only answer calls, emails, and other inquiries we had but also gave us frequent updates as far as what stage we were at in this process. There were MANY delays involved in this purchase of our home. Many of the setbacks had to do with “internal situations” within the mortgage company. One such incident included our loan processor leaving the company and the mortgage company NOT informing myself, my fiancé, or Dela. Another incident included being told over the phone and through email (by the mortgage company) that our home application had already been sent to The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for processing. This would prove to be inaccurate and a lie. And yet another incident involved the Listing Agent of the home threatening to relist the property, just days after the closing date for the property had been established. With all of this being said, I would personally like to thank Dela and commend her on the tireless efforts she has performed over the last 8 months. Through her work, she has provided my family with our dream home. I have already recommended Dela to friends that are uneasy about purchasing a new home. I can honestly say that Dela is committed to her work and her clients. Thank you Dela! Taurio & Patina

by Taurio & Patina

"I am so fortunate to have found Dela Armstrong, P. A. and her team when I was relocating from Maryland to the Orlando area. Dela helped me find the right house in the right neighborhood for the RIGHT PRICE all the while keeping me informed and comfortable with the entire process! She also recommended to me a fantastic local mortgage broker named Shaunna Wooten who guided me through the entire process with the professionalism & guidance you expect. Dela and her team were extremely patient as I had to travel back and forth from Maryland to Orlando to look at homes while dealing with the process of trying to sell my existing home in Maryland. Dela cautioned me about the housing market and how quickly homes were selling in the Orlando area. So, when my home in Maryland went under contract, I was ready to purchase in Orlando and all the homes that I had previously looked at before had either been sold or were already under contract. Dela was always positive and kept my spirits up that we would find the right house, at the right price at the right time. Dela knew exactly what she was talking about and her diligent work ethic and negotiating skills made it happen. Dela and her team were always on my side working to make my home purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best thing about working with Dela was the she was always more focused on answering my questions, while giving me good sound advice, and finding homes that met my style, taste and needs rather than closing a deal. I would highly recommend Dela Armstrong and her team to anyone who is searching for the TOP Realtor in the Orlando area. Thanks again to the Dela Armstrong Real Estate Team for being such a pleasure to work with I could not be happier with my home, the price you negotiated on my behalf and my overall experience. I have to say out of the 10 or so real estate transactions I have had in my life time this was not only the easiest, least stressful but the most pleasurable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dela. Tyren H.

by Tyren H.

Dela Armstrong PA, Shaunna and their Awesome Team of Professionals are the absolute BEST in the business! Dela went above and beyond in every regard. Due to my crazy work schedule, Dela and her team made themselves available to me when I was not working. She brought me fantastic home options that met my criteria and once I was under contract I was ecstatic! Dela was present during my home inspections and although I probably would have proceeded despite the findings Dela knew I could do better. She was right. Dela found me my dream home that came on the market the day after I completed my inspections. I walked into the home and within a moment I knew that was the home for me- it was in much better condition, had more of the items I wanted in a home, better neighborhood and it was newer. Most agents would not have presented another option to a client while they were already under contract and inspections completed, but Dela WAS NEVER FOCUSED ON THE SALE BUT ALWAYS FOCUSED ON MY WANTS AND MAKING SURE I HAD ALL THE INFORMATION TO MAKE THE BEST DECISION POSSIBLE FOR MYSELF AND MY FAMILY. Dela Armstrong and her Team of professionals make buying your dream home exciting, fun and educational, among other things! Words cannot express my gratitude for how easy they made the process, and how much they have EXCEEDED my expectations! If you’re even contemplating buying a home in the Orlando area, give Dela a call. I promise you won’t regret it!! Cleo

by Cleo M.

I just want to take a few minutes to say thank you to Shuanna and especially to my girl Dela. You, two young ladies, worked so hard and such long hours to accomplish the reality of owning our dream home here in Florida. For that, we thank you, two beautiful young ladies, for everything. My wife and I would love to take you two out for a fantastic dinner. We need to do this so you're not allowed to say no! We love you guys and will never ever ever forget what you have done for our family. Proud to call you friends. Love you John and Rosemary Michael and Roxy and Ella.

by John & Rosemary Michael

If you’re about to embark on The home buying process, I would HIGHLY recommend working with Dela Armstrong! Her knowledge, expertise, determination, and ability to “get the job done” allowed us to purchase our forever home in 7 weeks from start to finish ... and during the holiday/new year season! On Dec. 14th, we reached out to Dela with the hopes of finding and closing on our home by Jan. 31st. Dela was “Johnny on the spot” getting us into houses as soon as possible maximizing our time and making sure we didn’t miss out on any opportunities. She always made herself available for questions or assistance and never made us feel weird about asking those “naive questions”. It was obvious she knew what she was talking about. When we finally made a decision on a house, she continued to guide us along, provided a detailed timeline of tasks to complete and ensured we didn’t miss a deadline! Her tech-savvy ability to quickly send information via email, text, etc. during and after “normal business hours” assisted in expediting the process for us as well. Dela was in it for the long haul and in less than 7 weeks we closed on our forever home on Jan. 28! Working with Dela and the others on our team, reduced the stress of the process immensely! Some would assume that after closing day, you would never hear from your realtor, but not Dela! She checked in and even assisted when we had questions after closing! It is obvious she takes her job seriously and values each of her clients. I knew she was working with other clients, but I could not tell by the type of service she provided! Dela truly provides great service and even better results! Don’t think we could have done this without her!! We can't thank Dela enough for helping us find our forever home!

by Marie, Joe & Kids:)

We had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dela Armstrong, PA, a Broker Associate with RE/MAX. Dela not only sold our home but also found us the most lovely of homes to purchase. The experience was the BEST WE HAVE EVER HAD over our years of buying and selling many homes. Dela guided us with precision and detail on exactly what to do in order to get our home sold. We followed her instruction, which netted us not one, but two offers within a matter of hours of our home being on the market less than 24 hours. We were so thrilled! Dela was able to find us the perfect home within a very short time frame and she and her team coordinated a back to back closing that went seamlessly. Thrilled again! Dela works with an outstanding team of specialists, including Shaunna Wooten, who will help you and guide you through the mortgage process. We would highly highly recommend Dela Armstrong PA and her Team for all of your real estate needs and will gladly use her services again. Thank you Dela…you’re the best! David & Debbie

by David & Debbie P.
RE/MAX 200 Realty
Dela Armstrong
954 Orlando Ave #1
Winter Park, FL 32789
Shaunna Wooten
Sr Mortgage Planner Loan Partner
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